Ncell App Camp 2015 - Debriefing Session

Ncell organized debriefing event on August 22 at Hotel Himalaya to share information about Ncell App Camp 2015 and respond to queries of mobile enthusiasts interested to participate in the biggest mobile app development conclave.

More than 300 developers and enthusiasts participated in the event, which was held in two different sessions. During the sessions, Ncell App Camp team informed the participants about the various stages of the competition and what they can expect in each stage.

The participants were briefed about the process and how they can participate in the event. Ncell App Camp was CSR initiative of Ncell that aims to unleash country’s digital potential, said corporate communications expert of Ncell, Milan Sharma.

“It’s not mere a competition; it’s a journey through which each individual will get an opportunity to hone skills and learn an art of utilizing their skills to build a viable business,” he stated.Ncell App Camp welcomes all interested youth to team up with like-minded people, submit their ideas by 12 noon September 20, 2015, and contribute in the development of mobile app industry. Participation in the competition is free.

Participants who want to take part in the conclave, even if they missed the debriefing, can form a team of two to five people and register their ideas. Prawesh Shrestha, Community Innovation Manager at Young Innovations, shed light on details of the competition.

Sibjan Chaulagain, team leader of ICT for Agriculture that won grand prize in Ncell App Camp 2014, Anish Shrestha of team Yellow Nepal, Rohit Man Amatya, team leader of Lipi (Script) that won prize of category winner for Tourism and Gaurav Ghimire, a participating team that made Homerepair app shared their experience of last year’s camp.

This year, competition is being held under four categories (Games and Entertainment, Tourism, Health, and Utilities). All categories, except for Tourism, are new to Ncell App Camp, which is in its second year.

The best team in each category wins a cash prize of Rs 250,000, and a grand winner wins an additional cash prize of Rs 500,000.Ncell has already launched a separate event app, Ncell App Camp, which interested participants can download from Google Play Store, for news and updates on Ncell App Camp 2015.