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Jul 3rd, 2013 , Submitted by prawesh

Ready, Set and Go!!Challenge yourself and test your skills in this crazy motorbike stunt game. Its fun, its awesome but I'll promise you its not easy. Feel the realistic physics of the game and survive the extreme levels to rise as the victor.


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Dec 31st, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Race in a glowing circuit. Level up, increase speed and test your racing instinct on this fast paced racing game. Simple gameplay but endless hours of fun. Share your score with friends and let them know how good you are. Enjoy the FREE racing game.

How to play:

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Dec 27th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

This is an Android version of Online Baghchal game which is available in, to enjoy this app to the fullest it is better players signup/register to which can be done from the website or from within the android app. There is score associated with each game play which follows the rules described on :

From Android app players can

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Dec 17th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Egg Balance is a simple and fun game where you balance eggs. Tap on the egg to make it bounce and prevent it from falling. Careful, the egg will smash when hit with ground.

Two Game Modes:

Easy: Consists of a single egg, pretty easy to balance.

Hard: Consists of two eggs, if a single egg hits ground, its game over.

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Jul 18th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Yet another arcade style game developed by Ritesh Bhattarai is in the Android market. 2 Balls. The game is simple. There are two balls with two bars. The big ball is found on top of a bar which are placed just below another smaller bar. The small ball shoots down from the top left of the screen. When the mobile is tilted to left or right, the bar with the ball on it have pivotal movement making the ball roll to the left or right respectively.

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Jul 10th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

The Cloud Runner is a new jump and run type game.

The game is about a boy who meet an accident and wakes up in fantasy world where he meets a fairy. To impress her and get his life back, he has to set out his journey in new world collecting gems and pearls for her. But the dangerous enemies are on his way to stop him.


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May 16th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

SCOOBA is a FUN and challenging game where you try to navigate through a maze of underwater caves to get to the end before the time runs out!

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May 10th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

It's a Small and simple user friendly coin toss app. You can toss as many time as you want. No more search of coins among the friends neither you need to search for coin in ground. It can be widely used in any scenerio for any condition.

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May 9th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Egg Drop is a fun and addictive game created for ALL ages. The goal is to catch all the eggs into your basket, but without catching any BAD eggs! The game starts off slow for the beginner but after a while certainly speeds up for the more advanced player. Think you have what it takes to have a top score, then download Egg Drop now!!!

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May 8th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Guide BallZ through different levels by collecting required number of coins. Try to complete levels with least number of bounces. A simple yet challenging game. Also, good for your tapping/dragging skills.

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