Taxi Fares Nepal

Category: Transportation
Platform: Android
Developer: Appli Kali
Price: Free

Most of us have been duped by taxi drivers by charging us more than what we were supposed to pay. We bargain with them without substantial knowledge of taxi fare. We rely on the past fares we had paid or had listened to others what they had paid. But they are not of much help. If only we knew how much would it cost us to get from one place to another via taxi.

Don't worry, Taxi Fares Nepal is here to help. It is a new app for Android phones developed by Appli Kali. It provides the fare from one place to another using Google map, standard distance between two different places and the standard fares provided by the traffic police.

There are two ways you can calculate the fare. In first one, you have to select the starting location from the given list in 'From' section. As soon as the starting location is selected, it will show the options for the destinations. Select one of the destinations, the total fare for day and night are shown. In the second one, you can use the Google map to calculate the fare. Tap the screen to choose the starting point and the destination, it will provide you the route and the total fare for day and night. To use the map for the calculation, it should be connected to internet. Additionally, you can see the current standard fares and send complaint SMS about the taxi from the app.

The user interface (UI) of the app is simple and very easy to use. When installed for the first time, the app provides tutorial, in the map section, on how to use that section which is very thoughtful. It would have been better, if the tutorial would have been accessible later as well. Also, few addition to the app would make it awesome to use. Such as tracking of exact distance while commuting using GPS, showing loading-image while calculating fare in the map section, explain what flag down price is and information about to whom the user will be texting to post complaints. When the app starts, it starts to update the database and the user have to wait for the update to finish which is time consuming and annoying at times. It is better if users have the control to update the database on their own. The map view loses consitency while changing orientation. The markers are not visible as soon as the orientation is changed which should have been visible.

So use this app to save yourself from being cheated or at least know that you are not over paying.

Tested in:

  1. Samsung S4 (Android 4.2.2)
  2. Nexus 4 (Android 4.3)
  3. Nexus 7 (Android 4.3) - At the time of writing, the app was not compatible with this device.