11Beep: The Amnesiac Facebook?

“We type the text. We reread the text. We think, oh wait, there’s a spelling error… oh wait, this is so politically incorrect… why can’t we just share what’s in our mind freely?”

It’s been thought before but never realized in a form this tangible. Bimal Maharjan brings to life a social media platform where your posts are entirely equivalent to your thoughts: loud, true and temporary.

That embarrassing frape status you forgot to delete last year? Never happened. That ridiculous photograph everybody likes to occasionally look back at and comment on? Can’t find it. That stupid funny online argument from last century? Nobody cares and this way, nobody remembers.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. The erring human is never forgotten by social media. At least it wasn’t, until now.

The cerebral cortext creates 2,000,000 new synapses every second—that’s right, TWO FREAKING MILLION NEW SYNAPSES PER SECOND. What that means is: remember when you were deeply in love with someone you barely even talk to today? That was a billion trillion gazillion megatibazillion synapse formations away.

So, should you be held accountable for some lovesick status from 2010?

No. Well, preferably not.

But then on a serious note, should a politician be held accountable for something he said before the current party came to rise?

Now I’m not saying Bill should be able to tweet “I cheated on my wife.” and expect to pay a SnapChat amount of accountability for it but perhaps what our ever connecting online world really needs right now is a midway social cushion.

You say what you want to say, you behave the way you want to. Don’t worry about the future, people won’t remember this crap.

Kinda like real life, but online.

Update: 11Beep is now available to sign up so I’d recommend you all check it out and not break your streak of early adaption ;)


This article is written by Sajal Pradhan. You can read this article in her blog.