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Khabar Sanchar

“The sea change that has come is the information age. We don't have to just read The New York Times anymore. We can pull up something on the Internet and get any news that we like.”  - Pete du Pont

Yes, we are indeed living in the age of information, an age where knowledge acquisition has been a matter of just a click or simply a touch. But imagine the times when access to information was limited only to newspapers and magazines published erstwhile. Radio stations, television channels soon followed the information bandwagon but that also were privileged upon only some elite members of society having influential reach to the expensive electronic devices. Gradually internet and mobile phones penetrated into Nepali lives but was again not easily reachable to masses until few years back, due to the costs associated with it and lack of IT awareness in people.

However, things have taken a different turn now. With the sudden spurt in technology, keeping in account the diminishing costs and growing significance, internet and mobile phones have become just another household commodity for everyone of us. Over the period of time, people’s behavioral pattern of accessing information also has changed drastically. With easy access to internet, most of the people now prefer browsing news online to reading in print.

Of late, when smart phones and tablets have started replacing desktops and laptops, with respect to the convenience and performance they provide, people are more inclined towards using mobile phones for doing things they once used PCs to get done. A recent study has also predicted that by the year 2015, internet usage on mobiles will outdo the desktop. This clearly depicts how hand-held devices are going to dominate the future on information superhighway.

With the growing production of smart phones, the world has also witnessed growing development of various mobile apps. Every other thing is available now in the form of tiny applications inside your pocket. In this vogue of mobile apps, BrainDigit IT Solution has also come up with an android application ‘Khabar Sanchar’ that revolutionizes the way information is acquired.

Whether you are inside the country or abroad, Khabar Sanchar lets you stay updated with happenings from all over Nepal. Your daily dose of information is fetched right on your smartphone in both English and Nepali with fresh feeds coming from prominent Nepali news portals like eKantipur, My Republica, Nagarik News, Nepali Times, Online Khabar and BBC to name a few. The advantages include browsing multiple newspapers and news portals at one place with a wide range of categories to choose from, news sharing using social media, bookmarking and offline news reading, easy navigation and clean user interface, seamless integration of Nepali font, and drag-and-drop facilities, thus helping you personalize your news reading preferences.

Moreover, additional features like day-to-day updates on Bullion, Exchange Rate, Nepse Index, Horoscope and Petroleum prices come as a complimentary relish. This nouveau technology also provides a platform where users can submit their own stories based on happenings around their locality.

A newspaper is after all just a paper- overlook the environmental hazard it induces; you can’t be gluing to TV and radio all the time, and you definitely won’t be walking with your laptops on everytime, but with mobile phones, you always do. And, ‘Khabar Sanchar’ thus helps you always stay informed, educated and entertained as Tony Robbins once said, “We are not only in the age of information, but also in the age of entertainment.”  

Note: You can download Khabar Sanchar from Google Play, and the iOS version of Khabar Sanchar is projected to hit the market by February 2014.