Hetauda App

"Hetauda" is a mobile application for users in Hetauda,Nepal. It helps people to find what is around them, see the details of the places they are searching and find a route to reach the place.

Users can make advanced search with specific keywords, on some business categories, around some selected areas.

The information are retrieved from our servers which are continuously updated. So, stay tuned as things are popping up.

We are currently focussing on all places in Hetauda. Hence this application will serve anyone in Hetauda to find places like atm, bank, restaurant, party palace etc

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please contact us on our email purushottam_dahal@yahoo.com.

Key features -Find important places in and around Hetauda ,Nepal -See the direction -See offers and events -See business details -View promotional images -Store information offline -Useful for tourists who are in Hetauda tour. -Useful for people visiting new places inside Hetauda -Many hospitals, colleges, schools, banks, atms, police, emergency etc are already listed