Training on Android Apps Development - III

Date: Dec 22nd, 2013 to Dec 28th, 2013
Time: 7:00 am to 9:00 am
Location: YoungInnovations, Kumaripati, Lalitpur

Do you want to learn how to develop apps for Android OS? If you want, come and join 7 days long training program.

The training program has been especially designed for the beginners to learn android apps development. Check out the syllabus below:

Day 1 Introduction
Android Development Tool Installation
Kind of JAVA used in android application development
Building First application
Day 2 Introduction to XML
Building a simple user Interface
Working with different layouts
Intent and Intent-filter
Different Activity
Introduction to Manifest and permission
Day 3 Different Drawables
UI and UX on Android
Talks about Dpi and tools
Explaining Activty Lifecycle
Explaining ActionBar and Menus
Day 4 Sharedpreference in Android
Explaining ListView and Adapter
Day 5 Introduction on working with HTTP connection and API
Introduction on Use of SQLite in Android
Using of AsyncTask
Day 6 Handling camera
Simple Animation in Android
Day7 Working with GPS and Location API
Styling and Theming
Preparing for Releasing to Market Place
External Libraries and Tools


The training will be conducted 2 hours per day for 7 days.

Eligibility to join the training:

  • Know how to write codes.
  • Have at least knowledge of C++ (basically concept of object oriented programming). Knowledge of Java would be plus point.

 The fee for the training is Rs. 2500. To grab your seat, use the following form to register. And we will contact you for further instructions and confirmation.

This time we will be using the online education platform known as Sipalu

Team Trainers:

The team comprising of Vivek Bhusal, Anjan and Rakeeb Rajbhandari will conduct the training. Vivek dived into Android app development couple of years ago and has successfully developed many apps. Such as Toastmaster TimerMarriage Center CollectionStoresMunkI Paid a Bribe - Nepal and many more. Along with developing such cool apps, he has conducted couple of android trainings organized by MobileNepal. Anjan is working as User Experience Lead in YoungInnovations. His expertise lies in UX and developing superb designs for web and recently, for android apps. Rakeeb started his android development as an intern in YoungInnovations. He developed Taxi Fare Calculator at that time. He is now involved in developing couple of apps for YoungInnovations.