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Mobile Social Networking is about individuals and organizations like you who share a common passion to make use of mobile technology in different courses of our regular activities. Whether you are a seasoned developer working in the arena of apps development or someone working in a commercial / development sector willing to learn more on how mobile technology can support their operational processes and outreach, we invite you to join our community and build linkages / networking with like-minded individuals and organizations.

This community is also for individuals and organizations who are interested in technology in general and love to write and speak about new things like mobile technology. It is a forum for practitioners prospective practitioners (eg. mobile operators, VAS providers, mobile developers, software developers, etc. ) to share their work / ideas around mobile technology to a larger audience.

Domain experts and practitioners (eg. health professionals, advertising agencies, NGO community, education professionals, individuals involved in entertainment industry, etc. ) who might not have deeper insight on how mobile technology can play a role in their core processes can take this forum as an opportunity to develop linkages with technology experts who can understand their problem and deliver solutions.

In this sense we are very open and we welcome all of you to be a part of this community and play a role in creating a vibrant mobile ecosystem in Nepal. Following are some ways you can get involved with us

Suggest how to make this network more effective

To make this community more effective, we welcome creative ideas from you. Please have a look at our proposed activities and suggest ways to make things better. Please send in your suggestion to

Partner with us

If you are an organization or an institution and would like to help us out, you can go hand on hand with us by being our partner

Shoot us an email with a brief description about your organization, and learn how you can collaborate with us in this wonderful initiative. Our email address:

Work with us

Depending on diverse nature of our activities, we welcome individuals to work with us as volunteers, interns and professionals. Please contact for more.

Participate in our face2face events

We welcome you to participate in our face2face events that normally takes place every month. Please register yourself at our events page here

Be a part of Mobile Social Networking Nepal

If you are not a member yet, you can sign up and be a part of this cool initiative Mobile Social Networking Nepal

  • Participate in the Mobile Social Networking Nepal Events
  • Post your views, articles as blogs
  • Upload resources (publications, other reading materials, etc related to mobile social networking)

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