Now get paid for receiving calls on your cell phone


Not too long ago when cell phones had just been launched in Nepal, users were charged a fee for receiving calls too, not only for making them. Mobile phone owners will be thrilled to know that now it’s the other way around: You get paid for receiving phone calls.

A team of Nepali innovators have launched CashOnAd, a software that will pay money to cell phone users for just receiving phone calls. The newly unveiled mobile application CashOnAd will show an advertisement on the cell phone whenever a phone call is received. All you need to enjoy this service is an Android mobile phone. The application can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store.

If you have the patience to wait for 6 seconds and watch the advertisement before answering the call, you will be paid 1 US cent (around Rs 1) which will be deposited into your CashOnAd account. The money thus earned can be transferred to the user’s eSewa (domestic online payment gateway) account in Nepal. Users outside Nepal can transfer the money to their Paypal account.

Likewise, if anyone wants to withdraw money from their eSewa account, it can be transferred to any one of 30 leading banks in the country with which eSewa has a tie-up.

CashOnAd has tied up with advertising agencies like Prisma, V-chitra, Avani, Ad Factor and Thompson Nepal to provide the service in Nepal. Elaborating on the idea, the company said that it would charge 2 US cents per advertisement from the advertiser and transfer half the amount to consumers for watching the advertisement. “Whenever you receive a phone call, a video featuring an advertisement will run simultaneously in your cell phone. If you watch it for 6 seconds before answering the call, we will debit 1 US cent from the user’s account,” said Sajat Shrestha, chief executive officer of CashOnAd.

Biswas Dhakal, president of CashOnAd, said that it would benefit both the target customers and the advertisers, making the medium much more influential than conventional media. He added advertisers could find out the accurate reach of their ads through this system and also target selected groups.   

The advertising sector believes the system will transform the advertising scenario. Chief executive officer of Prisma Advertising Ranjit Acharya said the technology would encourage new advertisers to climb on the bandwagon. CashOnAd aims to have a customer reach of over 200,000 within 2013.


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