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Jun 27th, 2013 , Submitted by prawesh

Nepse App brings you real-time data from the Nepal Stock Exchange© along with a 'Portfolio' section where you can keep track of your investments, net worth, daily gain/loss, buying/selling history, etc. Data is available for live trading, market information, stock history, floorsheet, charts etc.

Other features include:

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Mar 15th, 2013 , Submitted by prawesh

Do you feel like you are not connected to the happenings from Nepal and wish to get updated with happenings of Nepal?

If your answer is YES. Your wait is over.

Whether you are in Nepal or abroad, with Nepal News Reader, you can stay updated and connected with happenings from all over Nepal.

Get your daily news updates of politics, economy, trade, entertainment news right on your iOS devices. The build works for iPhone and iPad as well.

Features :

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Dec 5th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

NepalSutra Travel App for Nepal is your personal travel companion as it provides addresses of places of interests on a location map as well as the location name in Nepali fonts so that you can point that to a taxi drivers for easier communication. NepalSutra Apple App is for users looking for every kind of information on Nepal while on the move. It is a free travel App available on the Apple Store and Android Market.

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Nov 19th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Now, you can search location of hospitals in Kathmandu and find the directions and contact number, too. MediBook app for iOS is here in the market. Most of the hospitals inside and around Kathmandu are listed with its distance from your location (there are two lists - list of nearest hospitals and alphabetically listed hospitals). You need to turn on your location for this purpose. When a hospital is chosen from the list, it loads google map with the pointer in it.

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Jul 19th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Netfox Limited is UK’s number 1 remittance company for Nepal. This application allows you to convert GBP into Nepalese Rupees based on the daily exchange rates according to Civil Bank and Sunrise Bank.

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Jul 5th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

Batti Gayo is a helpful app designed to help the Nepalese at home and abroad keep track of the load shedding hours in Nepal, and plan ahead. Besides this, you have the option of creating alerts or notifications about when the power cut starts in the selected area. The app also features a flashlight "Batti" option to use your phone as a flashlight during the dark hours.

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May 16th, 2012 , Submitted by prawesh

SCOOBA is a FUN and challenging game where you try to navigate through a maze of underwater caves to get to the end before the time runs out!

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